Friday, January 20, 2012


Something I'll never really understand: Why wives want to stay home when they don't have any kids. It's BORING as all get out. I'm trying desperately to get a job, and to just DO something with my life. Right now I'm volunteering, as no jobs have appeared yet.. Don't get me wrong, I love being at home when my husband is home, and I love taking care of our apartment and cooking up scrumptious meals. But when he's at work? What the heck are girls thinking when they WANT to stay at home? Seriously, I don't get it.. There are only so many times a house can be cleaned.

Random things that have changed since marriage:
1. Before, I would never have dreamed of using the same utensil as somebody. Now, I use my husband's cereal spoon to stir my coffee in the morning. I am gross.
2. There are people living over my head. The first month it creeped me out, because when their door opens, it sounds like our door opening. And when their kid runs around upstairs? It sounds like aliens have landed and are trying to get in.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I've been thinking a lot lately about sin, and how we as Christians should react to it. I think the biggest problem, it seems a lot of people have, is after the sin has been committed. What we need to realize is that it's over and in the past...we should be loving and kind in our responses to them. After all, what they really need is Christ's forgiveness and love..and the reality that their sin has already been washed away. What they don't need is people telling them what an awful thing they have done, and that they should be ashamed of themselves. If they have repented, we should no longer bring it up. And if they haven't repented, we need to remember to give them time to do so. People don't automatically change when we want them to.. there should be no iron rod of "repent now or be dead to me" coming down on them. We should give them time to heal and repent... Too often it seems like people lock down even more on rules and expectations when someone has sinned. What we fail to realize is that providing more rigid rules and expectations won't help them. If anything it will push them away from Jesus.
Christ never yelled at people or nagged them endlessly to repent.

2012 is here, folks.

Christmas was lovely and everything is should be. Being married during the holidays is you get more presents, and I don't think anyone minds that.

Here's a little taste of our Christmas season:

Here's to 2012!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Rihanna red.

So, my hair is red now. Did I mention that? I'm loving it. I feel so much more daring with it on my head.

Christmas is in just two weeks! We already have four presents under our beautiful Walmart tree...and my husband reminds me of that daily. I didn't see it coming, but somehow I think he's more excited than me about it.

Lately (as in ever since I got married), I've been cooking a LOT. Pinterest in one of my favorite places to find recipes. Pictures help a lot in that area..looks good? Make it. Presto! Also, I've only repeated a recipe about 5 times now. Which, considering it's been almost 4 months is pretty darn good. I'm amazing. The end. Actually, it's not the end. You too can become like me. All it takes is to like eating... this makes the prep work all worth it. Trust me.

Also lately: I've been exercising. Kind of a must when you're eating like we do.

Now I have a question: What's your favorite recipe? annnd, please send me the link. Thanks.