Monday, December 12, 2011

Rihanna red.

So, my hair is red now. Did I mention that? I'm loving it. I feel so much more daring with it on my head.

Christmas is in just two weeks! We already have four presents under our beautiful Walmart tree...and my husband reminds me of that daily. I didn't see it coming, but somehow I think he's more excited than me about it.

Lately (as in ever since I got married), I've been cooking a LOT. Pinterest in one of my favorite places to find recipes. Pictures help a lot in that area..looks good? Make it. Presto! Also, I've only repeated a recipe about 5 times now. Which, considering it's been almost 4 months is pretty darn good. I'm amazing. The end. Actually, it's not the end. You too can become like me. All it takes is to like eating... this makes the prep work all worth it. Trust me.

Also lately: I've been exercising. Kind of a must when you're eating like we do.

Now I have a question: What's your favorite recipe? annnd, please send me the link. Thanks.

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