Wednesday, January 12, 2011

  • Things I want to accomplish next year (that I know I will actually get done):
  1. I've had this idea for a painting circling my brain like crazy! However, time has been limited, and it's been on the back burner for the past year. Gee, you'd think boyfriends took up a lot of time or something! ;) Let me tell you, they do. But they're worth every second, if you have one. :) Anyways, back to the point...I really want to get this painting done, and instead of taking the approach that I have to get it all done at once, I'm going to work on it little by little.
  2. I want to read through the entire Bible. Have you ever heard of Dr Horner's Bible Reading Plan? It's great, and I've really been enjoying it.
  3. My sister Sally recently made the resolve to find out what was in her house. Sounds silly, but do you really know everything that's in it? So, I have great plans to go through closets and find forgotten what-nots, toss a lot of things, or put them to better use.
  4. Re-use, Recycle! I'm not exactly going green or anything drastic like that, but I do want to use more that I have, and not buy quite so much. For example, like taking old tees and making them new by embellishing them. Or, if upon seeing something wonderful online, trying to re-create it myself instead of just buying it. If I start looking like a bad ad for Goodwill, or like a bum off the streets...please inform me quickly. ;)
  5. Spruce up the frames in my room! I have a great amount of pictures in my room. They need updating. I have a coupon for 100 FREE prints at Costco that came with my new Nikon. Oh yesss!

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