Tuesday, January 11, 2011

  • Things I learned last year:
  1. Last year I learned to trust again. But I pray that I have learned the right way to trust this time. Trusting, but without thinking that person will be your all, or fix all your problems. God is the only one who can do this. So lean on Him in everything, the little as well as the big.
  2. I also learned that I can tolerate flavored creamers in my coffee again! I banned them from ever entering my lips, as they caused me to shake and sweat. Bad news. But, oh the joys of being able to savor Coffee Mate's delicious Peppermint Mocha and Vanilla Carmel creamer again! Life is good. :)
  3. The importance of being able to be content wherever you are, was also a great lesson learned. I think this is definitely something everyone has to accomplish in their life, or at least realize the importance of, and strive for. You will be much happier for it, and the people around you will be, too!
  4. It's not good to be happy with where you are. Okay, I know I just said you should be content and all that..but I'm talking about spiritually and mentally. Proverbs says that wisdom is calling out in the streets! You and I have no excuse to not be looking for it, for it is easily found. So, please, join with me in the search for wisdom. Seek wisdom out, and don't ever stop trying to find her. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction." -Proverbs 1:7
  5. Reading God's word daily. I know this might be obvious, but it is, at times, easier said than done. It's especially important to have your own private time in the word. Yes, it's good to have biblestudies and study with other people, so you don't become weird and get the wrong ideas about God... but reading the Bible on your own is also highly important. It help keeps you centered on Christ, and not the people you're reading with.
Please join me in doing the five for five! Inspire people, share your struggles...we're all in this life together.

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