Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Circle Scarf.

Here we have a tutorial on how to make a circle scarf out of an old loved tee. I have been known to wear my tees until they're all holey and not fit for anyone's eyes to see. So, as I was bemoaning the death of one of my favorite tees the other day...I thought, why not get more use out of it? But, instead of walking around looking like a disheveled mess with holes in my shirt...why not make it into something else?

1) Select your tee.

2) Cut the holes off. including the neck and sleeve holes.

3) I wanted to add a little interest, so I sewed random lines down the tee. Like so:

4) Now, flip the right sides together and sew all the way around your tee. You should end up with a complete circle.

5) Cut the circle in half and flip the right sides together again. Sew closed, but leave a medium sized opening. It should end up looking like this, once you put it right side out again:

6) Sew the hole closed, making sure you just catch the very edge of the fabric.

7) Put the seam in the back and wear often.

Really easy. I want to try making another one that's a bigger circle, so I can double it up!

Also, I just bought this tee from AĆ©ropostale. I think it'll look really nice with my newly sewn scarf!

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