Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little birdie.

I was recently inspired by this Etsy seller: bedbuggs' shop. But, I thought a pillow of that size was a bit I decided to make a similar bird, but much smaller, as a baby toy.

Here's how:

1) Print the image below as big as it will go, without printing off the page.

2) Trace the bird onto a folded piece of felt (this way you won't have to cut out two separate birdies). Then cut out the little wing, and do the same.

3) Take a piece of white fabric (felt, knit, or cotton...whatever you have handy!), trace the eyes, and cut them. Do the same with the black circles on a piece of black fabric (again, doesn't matter what you use)

4) Use Elmer's Spray Adhesive to stick the bird together before you begin sewing.

You will need 3 different thread colors, to match your fabrics.

5) Attach the wings and eyes by sewing all the way around them. I found that turning the sewing knob by hand worked best, rather than having to be really careful about what speed I was going.

Poor dear, he really needs a mouth.

6) Cut out a diamond shape, and sew.

7) Put the right sides of your bird together, and sew all the way around the edge. Make sure you leave a hole at the bottom, so you can make this bird nice and fat!

8) Stuff, and hand sew him shut.

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