Saturday, January 15, 2011

  • Mishaps. Otherwise known as embarrassing {wonderful} moments that you get to laugh at. ;)
  1. I really have no clue why I'm even admitting to this stupid behavior... While my boyfriend was teaching me how to drive stick, I decided my chair wasn't in the right place. So, what did I do? I immediately tried to fix the problem by moving my chair forward WHILE driving. My chair rolled the farthest back it was able to and I, in vain, was trying to reach the break with the tip of my toe. Thankfully I got it, and quickly stopped the car, put it in break, and then continued to fix my chair. So dumb.
  2. Once, while attempting to look awesome, I began swirling my wine around in my know, like in the movies? Wine sloshed everywhere. Even on my friend's couch. Don't tell her. Actually, come to think of boyfriend was there when I did that. Except, he wasn't my boyfriend then. Apparently he wasn't deterred. ;)
  3. Okay, this is another aspect of the wine story. I had bought a gorgeous scarf for a friend, so pretty that I didn't want to get rid of it. So, I let myself wear it for one day. The day I spilled my wine.
  4. While ice skating with my boyfriend, (good heavens, he happens to pop up a lot) I leaned back and promptly fell on the ice. Now here's the best part: My boyfriend tripped over me and completely wiped out. We laughed so hard.
  5. I sometimes get pretty loud when I get excited. This is not good when combined with storytelling after getting out of a restaurant. No sooner had I opened my big mouth, than the people I was talking to were telling me to shut up. The person I was talking about was RIGHT behind us, and she was a cop. Ooooh help

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  1. Wow. These made me laugh. I so wish I was there to see you guys fall down. ;) And the wine swishing--LOL!